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Community education is for adults too
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Throughout the school year, the Community Education Office provides many opportunities for children to participate in one or more after-school or evening extracurricular classes.

These classes allow students to learn a new skill, develop self-esteem and confidence, interact with their peers, and provide them a constructive way to spend their after school hours.

A variety of classes are offered that include gymnastics, drama, art, karate, and music. There is also a very active "hands-on" summer camp program offered for five weeks each summer.

Throughout the years, the "Just for Kids" portion of the Community Education Program has experienced tremendous growth. During the 2006 -2007 school year, more than 1,500 students participated in the school year and summer programs.

The concept of the Community Education Program is to provide educational and enrichment opportunities to the residents of Bryan County right in their own hometowns.

The program was designed not only for children but for adults also. Previously offered adult classes have included computer, budget and accounting workshops, organizational seminars, business courses, yoga, quilting, landscaping, art, dance classes and many others.

Even with the diversity of the programs, adult enrollment has always been relatively low. As the population of Bryan County continues to grow, we would like to see the Community Education adult program keep pace with the needs and desires of the adults in our communities. Our goal is to see the adult program expand and grow in enrollment and to have an adult-oriented program that keeps pace with the ever increasing children’s program.

The staff members at the Community Education Office are now planning classes to begin during the new school year. If you have a special request for a class - whether it is educational or recreational - now is the time to contact our office and make your request known. We have access to qualified instructors, many who are residents of Bryan County, who are willing to offer classes in both the Richmond Hill and Pembroke areas.

Whatever your needs are - whether it’s a refresher course on how to write a resume or prepare for a job interview, a class on how to download and store your digital pictures, a desire to learn a new hobby, or just a place to meet other people with similar interests in the arts - we are prepared to make every effort to offer these classes for you.

I would also like to encourage the residents of Bryan County who might be interested in teaching a course, whether for adults or children, to call us and let’s discuss how you can join the talented group of Community Education instructors.

If you have an interest in leading a book club, teaching others how to paint or sew, or helping others to live a more healthy lifestyle through exercise or nutrition, then we would be interested in talking with you about organizing a class.

Remember that the Community Education Program is not just for children - it is for adults, too. Take advantage of the opportunity to attend - or teach - a class right in your hometown without traveling outside the county. Our phone number is 459-5116 - we’re waiting on your call!


Martha Hall

Director of Community Education


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