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Carver students self-publish recipe book
Students in Pamela Walker's fourth-grade class at G.W. Carver Elementary School in Richmond Hill show off their recently published cookbook, "Raving Recipes." The students wrote, illustrated and published the book themselves and celebrated the accomplishement with a buffet and presentation for family members at the school. - photo by Photo provided.

Students in Pamela Walker’s fourth-grade class at G.W. Carver Elementary School are getting a head start on their resumes. First accomplishment on the list: published author.
In a special presentation at school Friday for parents and other family, the students unveiled “Raving Recipes,” a cookbook they’ve been working on throughout the school year.
“The boys and girls worked really hard on writing this book and putting it together,” said Walker. “This is a life time treasure for the students.”  
Walker explained that the class first had to come up with ideas for a theme for the book, and then vote on the theme.
Student Elisabeth Glass said her class voted on the project and decided to write a cookbook.
“Then we went home to find a recipe, and we would write down the instructions,” Elisabeth said. “We would write down a little essay on why you chose this recipe. Then you list the ingredients. My recipe was fruit popsicles.”  
Walker said the book was also illustrated and published in hardback by the students. And the presentation included samples of the students’ recipes used in the book, which include things like peanut butter and jelly and fruit popsicles. The students set up a buffet of delicious treats, dishes and refreshments to share with their classmates and visitors.
“There was a lot of excitement and enrichment,” Walker said. “They wrote about their favorite recipe in fourth grade, and why they chose that recipe. This activity integrated math skills, learning about the different quantities in the recipe and their writing skill. So we had a great time.”

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