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Wildcats host Shootout

For the fifth year in a row, the Richmond Hill soccer program is hosting the Wildcat Shootout. The event, which started Monday, features various matches between soccer teams from 14 schools from all across the Coastal Empire.

The event also serves as the primary fundraiser for the RHHS soccer program. Lady Wildcat Coach Steve Kollman said the event costs about $8,000 to conduct, but it usually brings in a profit ranging from $1,500-$3,000. The funds are generated from gate receipts.

The charge to attend is $3 a day for students and $5 for adults. During the weekdays, 3-4 games take place each evening. There will be at least five games on Saturday, which is that last day of the shootout.

The event has become a showcase for soccer and several area college coaches are slated to be in attendance to scout local talent for potential scholarship opportunities.

The Shootout is not a tournament, but rather will feature random matches as area teams get primed up for upcoming region competition. The Lady Wildcats will compete tonight against Jenkins and will play Effingham on Friday. The Wildcats faced Calvary last night, will play Wayne County on Thursday and will play Savannah Christian Friday night.

Kollman said he is hoping for a big turnout as the boys’ team needs new jerseys this year, and the goals will need to be replaced soon. Last year, the Shootout got rained out shortly after it started. Kollman said he is hopeful history will not repeat itself and said the beginning of the Shootout was blessed with good weather and a good turnout.


Wednesday 2/18/2008

3:30 pm

Rainout Make Up Game 
5:00 pmRHHS – GirlsJenkins - Girls
6:30 pmLiberty Co – BoysEffingham Co – Boys
8:00 pmSAA – BoysSCPS – Boys
 Thursday 2/19/2008

3:30 pm

Rainout Make Up Game 
5:00 pmRHHS – BoysWayne Co – Boys
6:30 pm**Rainout Make Up Game 
8:00 pmRainout Make Up Game 
 Friday 2/20/2008

3:30 pm

Rainout Make Up Game 
5:00 pmRHHS – Girls Effingham Co - Girls
6:30 pmRHHS – BoysSCPS - Boys
8:00 pmRainout Make Up Game 
   Saturday 2/21/2008

10:00 am

Calvary – Boys

Liberty – Boys


Jenkins – GirlsLiberty - Girls

2:00 pm

Effingham Co – Boys

SAA – Boys

4:00 pm

Calvary – GirlsEffingham Co – Girls

6:00 pm

Wayne Co – GirlsSAA - Girls

8:00 pm

Rainout Make Up Game



Game #1: boys – Calvary – 1  vs Effingham – 2 Game #2: girls – Calvary – 1  vs   Sav Arts – 2 Game #3: boys – Liberty – 3 vs Sav Arts – 1Game #4: girls – Liberty - 1   vs   Wayne Co – 3   Game #5: boys – Wayne Co -  3   vs     Sav Christian -  2 

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