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Wildcats girls’ wrestling team sees defeat, growth in state tournament
The new girls' team won against Meadowcreek but lost to experienced sides Gainesville and Lumpkin.
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Like all new programs, progress is measured in baby steps. But Richmond Hill girls’ wrestling coach Tony Dragon believes his team took some giant steps forward in making their first appearance in the GHSA state duals (team) wrestling tournament last weekend at the University of West Georgia.

In the second ever GHSA all-class duals tournament, the Wildcats dropped a 57-24 decision to Gainesville in their opening round but bounced back to defeat Meadowcreek, 57-24, to earn a spot in the Sweet 16 before losing to Lumpkin County, 60-24.

This was Richmond Hill’s first year fielding an all-girls team and the lack of experience on a statewide level may have provided some nervous moments as Gainesville and Lumpkin were second-year state tournament qualifiers and had an idea of what to expect.

Dragon had said earlier that one of the team’s goals was to qualify for the state tournament which it did by finishing second in its area tournament. From there the realistic goal was to win at least one match in the state tourney.

“Our goal was to win one dual and we met that expectation,” Dragon said. “But the way the team performed on a big stage against two teams that were state tournament teams last year, we exceeded our expectations.

“The girls wrestled hard,” Dragon said of his team which is made up of all underclassmen, thus building a bright future.  “Liliana Flacksenburg and Amanda Santiago had huge pins versus Meadowcreek and Rymonea Rivers continued having a great year as she had two pins in the tournament.”

Izzy West (115) was 2-1 as was Lacee Dragon (105), Rivers (155), Atori Peregrina (190), and Flacksenburg (110). West, a junior who has wrestled with the boys team the last two years, had one of the most spectacular wins of the day when she pinned her Lumpkin opponent in 15 seconds.

The Wildcats now turn their attention to the Area 1 region traditional (individual) tournament which will be held Friday at Greenbrier. The top four finishers will advance to the sectional tournament Feb. 9 at Harris County with the top six there advancing to the state finals on Feb. 15-17 at Macon.  

The results:


155:  Rymonea Rivers (RH) over Itel Salcido, fall 4:19; 170:  Litzy Soto (G) over Isla Stotts, fall 1:22; 190:  Atori Peregrina (RH) over Khine Kyl, fall 1:19; 235:  Abby Bragg (RH) by forfeit; 100:  Julia Carcamo (G) over Coralys Lopez, fall 3:08; 105:  Alicia Rogers (G) over Lacee Dragon, fall 1:56; 110:  Emely Mejia-Martinez (G) over Liliana Flacksenburg, fall 1:19; 115:  Izzy West (RH) over Keyra Silva, Fall 0:34; 120:  Ailani Soto (G) by forfeit; 125:  Amberly Ayala (G) over Amanda Santiago, fall 0:54; 130:  Kaitlin Morales (G) over Amelia Wickline, fall 1:07; 135:  Alexa Mondragon (G) over Ava Spence, fall 1:42; 140:  Kimberli Rocha-Trujillo (G) over Peyton Morgan, fall 3:44; 145:  Shamareya Turner (G) over Kaitlyn Platt, dec. 8-6.


170:  Skyla Colson (RH) by forfeit; 190:  Atori Peregrina (RH) by forfeit; 235:  Zorah Lee (M over Abby Bragg, fall 1:26; 100:  Coralys Lopez (RH) by forfeit; 105:  Lacee Dragon (RH) by forfeit; 110:  Liliana Flacksenburg (RH) over Madison Thomas, fall 0:33; 115:  Elaina Williams (M) over Izzy West, fall 4:00; 120:  Kaylie Lazon (M) by forfeit; 125:  Amanda Santiago (RH) over Ana Salazar, dec. 14-13; 135:  Ava Spence (RH) over Amelia Urquijo, fall 3:47; 140:  Kyana Spearman (M) over Peyton Morgan, fall 1:09;145:  Kaitlyn Platt by forfeit; 155:  Rymonea Rivers (RH) over Kimberly Alvarez Cabrera, fall 0:21.


190:  Mattie Mendoza (LC) over Atori Peregrina, fall 3:10; 235:  Maxine Suller (LC) over Abby Bragg, fall 0:37; 100:  Cadence Grulla (LC) over Coralys Lopez, fall 2:32; 105:  Lacee Dragon (RH) over Kylee Melton, fall 2:50; 110:  Liliana Flacksenburg (RH) over Kenadee Boggs, fall 0:37; 115:  Izzy West (RH) over Josie Workman, fall 0:15; 120:  Kadyn Dillon (LC) by forfeit; 125:  Caroline Cunningham (LC) over Amanda Santiago, fall 1:01; 130:  Lily Curry (LC) over Amelia Wickline, fall 3:05; 135:  Nora Garbuzovas (LC) over Peyton Morgan, fall 1:06; 140:  Greta Garbuzovas over Ava Spence, fall 1:16; 145:  Mia Avina (LC) by forfeit; 155:  Gwennie Wight (LC) over Rymonea Rivers, fall 0:45; 170:  Isla Stotts (RH) by forfeit.

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