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Wildcats cautiously optimistic
Richmond Hill Wildcats have been prepping during the start of their season practice for this big opening game. - photo by File photo

Since taking the head coach position, Wildcat football coach Brian Brocato has a 2-0 record against the Bryan County Redskins. That being said, Brocato knows Friday night will be no easy task.

"They’re more scary to me this year than before," Brocato said. "This year’s Redskins have a lot more speed and are way more athletic. They were a big team last year, but slow – besides their running backs. I suspect they have some good backs this year as well."

Brocato said his team will be prepared. He also said Richmond Hill, too, is a much more athletic squad than last year.

"This is the most athletic (Wildcat) team I’ve had since I’ve been here, but it’s also one of the youngest," Brocato said. "Our offense has to carry us and we have to not make any turnovers."

The Wildcats have gained a reputation for being a physical team. Brocato said he is instilling that within the rookies on the squad as he has no plans to change that particular strategy.

"We’ll have to be more physical than Bryan County come Friday night," Brocato said. "If we slow them down and let them play our speed - that’s what we did last year."

Brocato said the coaching staff is preparing the team for a variety of offensive strategies from Bryan County because he is "not sure what he’s (Coach Ron Lewis) running this year. He changes it. The year before it was a wing-T; last year it was the wishbone; this year I think he’s running the spread – but I don’t know."

The Cats had plans to scout the Skins during the Aug. 22 scrimmage versus Metter, but that game was cancelled due to rain.

Brocato hopes that history will repeat itself – and give the Cats their third victory in a row in this cross-county rivalry – but he is "never overconfident. I’m always cautiously optimistic."

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