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Video shows deer go on rampage in diner
A diner owner from Indiana recently came face-to-face with a rampaging deer. Check out the amazing video footage. - photo by Grant Olsen
ST. JOHN, Ind. A new video from Indiana shows what happens when a deer decides to check out the local diner. And from the looks of things, it was a classic dine and dash.

According to a report from the Times of Northwest Indiana, the chaotic scene occurred at the Aspen Caf in St. John on Monday morning. Very few customers were in the restaurant because of the early hour, which likely prevented injuries.

At the start of the video, the deer is seen crashing through a window and slamming into some tables and chairs. The owner of the caf, Bessie Karalis, thought it sounded like a mirror breaking and went to investigate. She came around the corner and nearly ran head-on into the frantic deer.

After the deer passed Karalis, it rammed into a counter and then exited through a second window.

The entire ordeal only lasted a few seconds, but it left quite an impact on the patrons in the caf. They can be seen in the video gasping in shock and staring in wonder at the broken window.

Shortly after the deer fled the premises, Karalis called her son and asked him to bring a hammer and nails so they could board up the broken windows. He helped them clean up the mess and then seal off the windows.

And once the resourceful owners had tidied up the deers handiwork, the Aspen Caf opened its doors and carried on business as usual.

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