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Summer a blur for former Wildcat baseball standout Strickland
Scott Strickland

This summer has been a blur for Wildcat-turned-Augusta State baseball player Scott Strickland.

While many of his peers have been taking it easy during the summer months, Strickland has been busy with many different baseball projects.

He has been playing top level baseball with the Line Drive team out of Savannah. They played a full schedule of games including showcase tournaments in Miami and Atlanta. Strickland also helped his brother Sean coach the Richmond Hill Wildcat summer JV/Varsity baseball teams. He also gave pitching lessons and worked as an umpire of the Hinesville Officials Association. As if that isn’t enough to keep him busy, Strickland has also been working part time for Boaen Marine Construction.

Strickland will be starting back to school at Augusta State University the second week of August and is working on being a conference starter for this year’s team. Strickland said he’ll be ready as he has been working hard on his conditioning and pitching mechanics all summer.

His college coach Skip Fite recently called Strickland to tell him that several pro scouts called him after seeing him pitch at the Perfect Game tournament in Atlanta. They wanted more information since he was hitting 93 miles per hour on the radar gun.

"I hope I’ll be playing well enough after my junior year to try out for professional baseball," Strickland said. "That is my ultimate goal and the motivation that keeps me in the game all year long."

Strickland gives all the credit for any success that he has to the support of his family. He said his two brothers have always been willing to work with him and to keep him humble if he gets too cocky. He also said that his biggest fan is his mother, Sharon Strickland, who has been at every game to cheer him on and pick him up if he was down after a loss.

"He’s worked so hard to try to improve this year," said his father Sandy Strickland, who was recently named Umpire of the Year. "He’s very excited at the prospect of being a conference starter."

"Scott’s played travel baseball since he was 9-years-old," Strickland continued. "One year, he played over a hundred games. Sharon and I thought he would get burned out, but that hasn’t been the case. Since he heard a few pro scouts were showing interest in him, that has generated a whole new level of excitement for him."

Adding to the excitement is the fact that ASU has just added some talented names to their roster, so Strickland’s team has the potential to pose a serious threat for the conference championship in the coming year.

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