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State seeks comments on kayak launch
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The state Department of Natural Resources and the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee is seeking public comment on a request to add a kayak launch to the public fishing pier at Belfast Keller Bridge on the Tivoli River.
Substantive, site-specific comments as to why the proposed work should or should not proceed, and other comments and questions concerning this proposed project should be submitted in writing by the close of business Aug. 25. to Ann Thran, Department of Natural Resources, 185 Richard Davis Drive, Suite 104, Richmond Hill, Ga. 31324.
The proposed project is under 1/10 of an acre and is therefore considered a minor alteration of coastal marshlands.
The existing public facility was built by Bryan County on State of Georgia (GA-DNR) land in the mid 1980s to allow for fishing in the Tivoli River. The dilapidated northern fishing pier has been removed. The existing fishing pier south of the bridge consists of a deteriorated 6-by-90-foot walkway, 75 feet of which are over vegetated coastal marshlands (450 sq. ft.), leading to a 10-by-110-foot (1,100 sq. ft.) fixed pier. The existing pier extends into the waterway about 100 feet, blocking more than 80 percent of the waterway).
In November of last year, the county was permitted to replace the southern pier. To allow for improved navigation in the river, the downriver fixed pier will be re-oriented parallel to the bank and extend about 15 feet, or 12 percent, into the waterway at a point where the Tivoli River is about 120 feet wide from mean low water (MLW) to MLW. No fish cleaning station, fresh water or electricity is permitted over coastal marshlands.
To enhance public access to the river, Bryan County Commissioners and Coastal Resources Division propose to modify the plans to include a kayak launch to the redesigned, permitted structure. A 4-foot-by-28-foot gangway will connect to the northern end of the fixed pier and attach to the 10-by-25-foot kayak launch.
The proposed modification will impact about 362 square feet of coastal marshlands and is therefore considered a minor alteration of coastal marshlands. Total impacts including the permitted southern pier and float and the proposed kayak include 1,612 square feet.
A detailed public notice with drawings is available by visiting the Divisions website: under Permits and Public Notices or by calling Ann Thran (912) 617-6310.
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