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South Bryan swimmers win GRPA state class A championship
South Bryan swimmers

The South Bryan County Recreation swim team turned in what has been described as an awesome performance at the Georgia Parks and Recreation Association Class A State Swim Meet July 19-20 at the Cherokee Aquatic Center in Canton.

This is the second year the SBCR team participated at state with 75 swimmers between the ages of 7-18 competing. More than 30 teams competed at this two-day event.

“I am one proud director today,” Bryan County Recreation Director Dr. Samose Mays said. “What the swim team did this past weekend was exceptional. Congratulations to our coaches, athletes and parents.”

The team’s head coach, Anthony Racinelli, called it a performance that resonated statewide.

“ I would like to thank all of the swimmers and families for a fantastic Summer League swim season,” he said. “The hard work and determination of all the swimmers truly paid off in a big way. Our team represented Bryan County at the state finals in such a way that made everyone take notice of just who we are. We came home with four state records, 12 individual gold’s, nine relay gold’s and several silver and bronze medals too. Myself and the whole coaching staff are very excited about what the future brings for swimming in our community.”

Assistant coach Donna Rucker said the event shows the need for a bigger swim facility in Richmond Hill.

“These kids did excellent, just as expected, because they put in the hard work everyday to earn it,” she said. “I believe we have a spark of potential and dedication for this sport in the community and we need a bigger facility to develop these athletes.”

Below is the list of State Champions. You can visit for complete results.

2019 GRPA Class A Swim Team State Champions

Team Owner: Bill Forrester.

Head Coach: Anthony Racinelli.

Assistant Coaches: Donna Rucker and Kathy Zdunich.

Mixed 7-8 100 Yard Medley Relay:1:19.57 Rylee Dupont, Henley Metts, Maddox Ray, Ryan Sampsell.

 Mixed 10 & Under 100 Yard Medley Relay: 1:09.18 Griffin Metts, Anthony Whitney, Cici Fang, Natalie Colvin.

 Mixed 7-8 100 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1:09.60, state record Jacob Laska, Henley Metts, Maddox Ray, Rylee Dupont.

 Mixed 10 & Under 100 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1:01.09 Anthony Whitney, Griffin Metts, Cici Fang, Natalie Colvin.

 Mixed 12 & under 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1:54.50 Ryder Racinelli, Emily Fang, Katherine Bezner, Josh Mattison.

 Mixed 18 & under 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1:37.32 Joseph Bezner, Tori Rucker, Chae Yun Too, Sebastian Rosales Olivas.

 Mixed 12 & under 200 Medley Relay: 2:07.64, state record Emily Fang, Ryder Racinelli, Ethan Fitts, Katherine Bezner.

 Mixed 14& under 200 Yard Medley Relay: 1:54.82 state record Aiden Grayz Jessy Lee, Camryn Baraniak, Elijah Fitts.

 13 Mixed 18 & under 200 Medley Relay: 1:46.53 Sebastian Rosales Olivas, Tyler Wood, Tori Rucker, Sydney Carlisle.

 Boys 7-8 25 Yard Butterfly: 16.20 Maddox Ray.

 Girls 9-10 25 Yard Butterfly: 14.96 Cici Fang.

 Boys 11-12 100 Yard Freestyle: 1:00.24 Josh Mattison.

 Girls 13-14 100 Yard Freestyle: 54.52 Camryn Baraniak.

 Boys 11-12 50 Yard Breaststroke: 35.63 Ryder Racinelli.

 Boys 11-12 100 Yard IM: 1:08.42 Ryder Racinelli.

Girls 13-14 100 Yard IM: 1:02.61 Camryn Baraniak.

 Girls 15-18 100 Yard IM:1:01.97 Tori Rucker.

 Girls 15-18 50 Yard Backstroke:27.29 Tori Rucker.

 Girls 11-12 50 Yard Butterfly: 29.23 Emily Fang.

 Boys 11-12 50 Yard Butterfly: 29.86 Ethan Fitts.

 Girls 13-14 50 Yard Butterfly: 27.02 Camryn Baraniak.

 Girls 15-18 50 Yard Butterfly: 25.94, state record Tori Rucker.

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