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RHMS cant stop William James
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RHMS failed to stop William James in their second game as they faced off at home. This is the second year Richmond Hill failed to come out with a win as they played William James last year to try and claim the title of Region Champions.

The Cats came out confident and so did the Knights. Both teams knew they were evenly matched and that the game was going to be a close one.

The Cats defense first claimed the lead as Aaron Dixon stripped the ball from one of the William James’ running backs and ran back to Richmond Hiall’s end zone.

Their celebration ended as they tried for two and handed the ball off to Brandon Mason. As Mason cut back to try and squeeze the ball through he was stopped short. On the play Mason received a season ending injury, which is a big blow to the Cats on offense and defense.

After the Cats confidence dropped the Knights drove past the defense to get a 50-yard touchdown and tie the game 6-6.

The Cats answered back with a 35-yard run by Aaron Dixon. Then they handed off the ball to Franklin who scored the Cats second touchdown, again the 2-pt. conversion failed. As the Cats confidence was starting to rise the Knight’s offense plowed through the defense for a 54-yard TD to tie the game 12-12.

The Cats offense took the ball down the field for another touchdown by Franklin changing up the score, 18-12.

They tried a pass to Hunter Hadley to get the 2-pt. conversion but the ball was tipped as J.J. Franklin threw it into the end zone.

Before the first half ended William James threw a long pass to what was most likely going to be a touchdown.

As the wide receiver stumbled, he lost the ball at the Wildcat’s 10-yard line where Wildcat defenders jumped on the ball to successfully recover it. With about 30 seconds left in the first half the Cats ran a play for about 3 yards and the half ended.

The Knights received the ball to start out the second half and ran the kick-off back for a 70 yd touchdown making it 18-22.

The Knights failed on the 2-pt. conversion and kicked to the Wildcats who received the ball on their 40 yd line.

They handed the ball off to T.J. Franklin who ran down the field for a long run where he was pushed out of bounds at around the 15 yd line. After a short offensive series the Cats turned the ball over on 4th down.

The Knights had problems of their own and punted the ball back to the Cats. Another Cat drive stalled and they turned the ball over on downs. The Knights drove down the field to score the final touchdown of the game, which consumed most of the remaining time.

The Cats got the ball back but were unable to move the ball. The Knights ran out the remainder of the clock ending the game with a 28-18 Knights victory.


Stover is a student at RHMS.

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