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RHHS opens up Sunday's Atlanta Braves game

RHHS Braves

Hear a couple bars of the RHHS singing the Anthem.

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"Oh-ohhh say can you see?"

The Richmond Hill High School chorus members certainly saw a nice view from the field of Turner Stadium on Sunday afternoon, where they sang the National Anthem at the start of the Braves game against the Dodgers.

"We’re really, really glad to be here," said RHHS senior Courtney Clark. "It’s great to be able to travel to other parts of the state and participate in different festivals and events. With our previous Chorus directors, we’ve never done things like this."

Clark said the group had been practicing the anthem repeatedly to make sure every note would be hit perfectly on Sunday.

"I’m a tiny bit nervous," Chorus director Jamie Hillen said as they waited to walk out on the Turner Field. "But mostly, I’m just excited."

The game was the culminating event for a weekend of activities in Atlanta.

"Friday night we participated in the Southern Star Music festival, where the students competed against other schools from around the southeastern United States," Hillen said. "We received the Silver Star award for our performance."

The students then went to Six Flags on Saturday as part of the festival, followed by the award ceremony Saturday evening. Hillen said he sent a recording to the Braves last fall and they picked Sunday since they were already going to be in Atlanta.

"The Chorus needed to sell 400 tickets to the game in order to be here today," Hillen said of the Braves requirement. "That’s a lot of tickets to sell, especially for Bryan County residents who have to travel so far to be here."

Hillen said the community provided a lot of support and they received enough ticket sales combined with donations to fund the trip.

"I thought the kids did a great job," he said afterwards. "Many thanks to the parents and all the community support that enabled us to go; hopefully we can continue do even more of these types of venues in the future."

Dennette Thornton, senior account executive of sales and service, said in her seven years working for the Braves, Richmond Hill has never been a guest to the field. She said it’s common to get demos from high school chorus groups interested in singing at the stadium – but not all of them get invited. Thornton said the RHHS Chorus will now be added to their list of anthem groups and will be asked to come sing again next year.

The Atlanta Braves won the game against the Dodgers 6-1. They go up against the Florida Mariners at home and the Mets in New York this week.

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