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Remember to keep swimming safe
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Accidents happen all too often, so The Georgia Department of Natural Resources encourages everyone to practice safety at all times when in and around the water.  Some swimming safety tips include:
- Take a swimming course.
- Never swim alone. If you are a marginal swimmer, wear a flotation device.
-  Don't mix alcohol or drugs when swimming.
-  Never let children swim unsupervised.
- Keep life jackets accessible and never make someone feel uncomfortable if they choose to wear a life jacket.
- Don't swim when you are too tired, too cold or too far from safety.
- Don’t swim beyond marked boundaries at swimming beaches.
- Always be aware of the possibilities of hidden dangers such as underwater obstacles, changing currents and underwater drop-offs.
- When you find yourself in a stressful situation, don't panic. If in non-flowing water, float or "dog-paddle" to safety. If in flowing water, float with the current and don't fight against it.
 Prevention and common sense can help prevent water-related tragedies. To learn more about water safety, visit the Red Cross at
“Go Swim, Georgia” is the latest in a series of outdoor adventure tips from DNR Commissioner Clark that highlight affordable getaways, outdoor activities close to home, and creative ways to support conservation in Georgia.  The series is part of DNR’s “Get Outdoors, Georgia” initiative, which encourages citizens to lead healthy, active lifestyles in the great outdoors and includes hiking, biking and paddling clubs, as well as outdoor events.
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