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Red-White game an opportunity to excel
A shot last week's Red and White game. - photo by Time Traywick

Not even the signs of inclement weather on Friday night of May 16 could dampen the spirits of the Redskin football players who were suited up in their Red and White uniforms for the annual pre-season internal clash.

These Bryan County boys were putting an end to two weeks of spring football practice as climaxed with the annual Red and White game and were eager to show their stuff in front of the hometown folks in attendance. With Chicken dinners being sold as a drawing card for fans to come out and to raise money for the athletic program,

Coach Ron Lewis turned the reigns over to his offensive and defensive coordinators for this evening of football while he manned the grill as he had most of the day. Lewis said he was pleased overall with the spring practice.

"Spring practice always gives you an opportunity to give that one on one attention to the younger guys that you may not get to do once the season gets underway," Lewis said. "Also, it is a time to find out who your team leaders are as individuals step up and try to be that leader that other players can look up to and follow by example."

The game was set up to get six points for an offensive score, and the defense gets six points if they stop the offense in four downs.

The offense started each time with the ball on the 40 yard line and there were no extra point attempts after a score.

The offense came out on top in this contest as fullback Joe Jenkins started the scoring with a long touchdown run on the first play from scrimmage. Ivey Mutcherson and Willie Deloach showed some strong running as they added two TD’s each on long runs to give the advantage to the offense.

Winston Johnson guided most of the offense at quarterback, followed by backup Ryan Poythress.

All the players saw some playing time in the game as a reward for their spring practice completion, and any game experience is going to be helpful to this young Redskin squad as they have many shoes to fill - especially on the line.

"How much we improve on the offensive line is going to be a determining factor in our success the fall," Lewis said. "We came out of the Spring fairly good in the injury department and we will have to hit the weights and work really hard because we are going to have to be more physical in order to compete."

Ben Covington caught the eyes of the coaches in the lineman department as he went into practice as the second or third best lineman, but came out of spring practice with the number one spot at center.

Lewis is looking for more guys that are willing to battle and win a starting spot as they take a few weeks off before heading into summer practice.

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