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Reaction to new region positive
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The new region alignment has been officially set by the Georgia High School Association. There are no apparent changes for Bryan County High School's Region 3-A, but there are some major changes for Richmond Hill High School, which will compete in 2-AAAA. It consists of the following schools:

- Division A: Richmond Hill, Brunswick, Glynn Academy, Liberty County, Ware County and Wayne County.

- Division B: Effingham County, Evans, Greenbrier, Lakeside, South Effingham and Statesboro.

Coaches are upbeat about the changes.

-Softball Coach Sean Strickland: "I’m very excited about it. It’s going to be a region where every region game is going to be competitive and high spirited. It’ll be tough, but I believe my team will be competitive, and it’ll only make us better."

- Football Coach Lyman Guy: "It’ll be a lot certainly be a lot more difficult than it is now. You’ve got some traditional powerhouses ... and Liberty is up and coming. That being said, I think we’ll be competitive regardless of what region we’re in."

- Boys’ basketball Coach William Altman: "I think the competition is going to be just as strong as it is now. We’ll be closer as far as travel is concerned, so it should be a positive move."

- Baseball Coach Mitchell Curry: "It’s going to be a lot tougher. We’ve got 12 teams now - all with playoff experience. Three of them have won state titles in the last 10 years. It will be difficult to compete, but that should make the team better."

- Girls’ soccer Coach Steve Kollman: "Girls’ soccer will be more competitive. Wayne, Statesboro, Greenbrier, Brunswick and especially Glynn have strong programs. The Effingham programs are coming back a bit and Liberty may rebuild. I predict that we’ll finish in first or second behind Glynn."

- Tennis Coach Jeff Graham: "Lakeside, Brunswick and Glynn are tough, but I think we’ll be fine. We lost five of our top seven players, but we’ll still have a lot of talent."

- Girls’ basketball Coach Elizabeth Bennett: "I’m very happy about it because the travel time is less, which means less time out of class for my girls. It’ll be competitive, but we should do well."

- Boys’ soccer Coach Robbie Flanders: "It’s probably the toughest region for soccer out there. If we come out in the top one or two, we should have a great chance at state."

- Volleyball Coach Ashley Davis-Lee: "For the type of growth and program that I am personally looking for, the new alignment is a perfect match and will definitely get us off and running in the right direction.."

- Track and cross country Coach Jimmy Hires: "The region should be a good region but competitive. I still think we’ll continue to perform very well."

- Wrestling Coach Adam Moret: "I’m excited about it. I don’t know much about many of the schools, but I do know that South Effingham, Effingham, Glynn, Brunswick and Ware have strong programs. We’re just going to have to step it up."

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