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PMFL: O’Neil, Butler win part 2
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Welcome to the first Pembroke Mafia Football League of 2021. That it’s also the last one of the season is sort of weird, but that’s how this sort of thing works.

Oh, and Roll Tide. Any illusions that up north football (Ohio State) could beat Southern football (Alabama) were disabused when the Tide rolled the Buckled Eyes in the CFP title game, whenever it was, by something like a 517-20 margin.

And, well, the winner of the second- half of the PMFL was Ted O’Neal and the Rev. Lawrence Butler.

Both O’Neil, the former BCN assistant editor, and Butler, a religious expert, picked Bama to win and both picked a tiebreaker of 63 points, and PMFL CEO B.J. MeadowClark Lemon said there wasn’t time to find another tiebreaker, so a tie was declared. B.J. is like that. He has a heart of gold for a Democrat, and is thrilled Joe Biden is in the White House. It makes him want to be nice to everyone, even in this time of COVID-19. While he can’t go around covering people, he can and will blow you a kiss. He learned how in the U.S. Navy.

Where were we?

In second place were Alex Floyd and District 1 Commissioner Noah “King of the North” Covington. They missed four picks each. In third were the misbegotten writer of this piece, me, and Richmond Hill City Clerk Dawnne Greene (our first half champ), the great Mike Clark and B.J., with five misses each. District 5 County Commissioner Gene “Velveeta Cheese” Wallace, DMD, and Bunny Hop Ben Taylor, the county administrator, had six misses apiece.

B.J. said if we play next season we should get Dawnne’s daughter Briley and Alex and Kristen Floyd’s son Ellis to play because B.J’.s wife Marsha has been outpicking him all year. It’s because he’s a Democrat. Some parting words from B.J.

“Thanks for playing, be safe, get the vaccine and Happy New Ear.”

That’s right. He got a new ear and he’s happy about it.

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