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The Pembroke Mafia Football League s back for 2022 with a look at BJ Clark, founder

Welcome to a preseason installment of the Pembroke Mafia Football League, your friendly one shop stop for all things PMFL. Not that we’re all that friendly, mind you.

Some of us are getting surly what with all the traffic but we’re working on it.

With that out of the way, time for a few thoughts. First, there’s no way Georgia repeats as national champs and here’s why: This is the Year of the Gamecock, baby.

Second, it looks like we’re all back in the saddle for 2022. That means B.J.

Clark, Mike Clark, the Rev. Dr. Lawrence Butler, District 1 County Commissioner Noah Covington, District 5 Commissioner Dr. Gene Wallace, County Commission Chairman Carter Infinger Jr., Bob Floyd, Esquire, Richmond Hill Special Projects Manager Alex Floyd, County Administrator Ben Taylor, Hall of Fame Sportswriter Mike Brown, Former BCN legend Ted O’Neil, Richmond Hill City Clerk Dawnne Greene, Bryan County Fire Chief Freddy Howell and some idiot named Jeff Whitten will again be doing whatever it is that we do to honor the greatest sport ever invented – college football. That said, it’s important to introduce everybody, since some of our 14 PMFL members get a trifle testy if they get shorted on ink.

This week, however, we focus on our fearless leader and founding father, BJ Clark.

BJ is the chairman, president and head honcho of the PMFL, which was mostly his idea. A retired Navy Chief Petty Rear Admiral, 4th Class with Oak Leaf Clusters, Vietnam veteran and big wheel in Pembroke American Legion Post 164, BJ, who has the earlobes of Oral Roberts, is also a big fan of Bernie Sanders and President Joe Biden because they all went to junior high school together in Prehistoric LaGrange, Georgia.

Anyway, about a decade or so ago B.J. was lounging in his Barcalounger when he found a French fry under the cushion.

Before he ate it, he told his lovely wife Marsha the wizened fry reminded him of former Auburn Coach Pat Dye. That led to one of the greatest ideas in college football history, albeit one that has never taken off like it should’ve.

In short, Coach Fries.

BJ has over time found and eaten a Bear Bryant Fry, a Steve Spurrier Fry, a Ron Zook fry, a Lou Holtz fry, a Wally Butts fry, a Gene Chizik fry, a Mark Richt fry and even a Charley Pell fry, among others.

He also found and ate half a baked potato that would have looked just like Kirby Smart if it had a visor, and once BJ dined on some mashed potatoes he first made into the shape of Terry Bowden and then smothered in gravy. Then he founded the PMFL.

Up next: The Fire Ant Capitol of the World.

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