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One more PMFL for the long road that was 2020
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Welcome to a special News Year’s Eve edition of the Pembroke Mafia Football League.

Like many things in this year of COVID-19, this PMFL is kind of discombobulated, but what the heck. You only live once.

Our pickers in a sort of BOWL system special edition included most of the regulars – B.J. Clark, Mike Clark, Alex Floyd, Dawnne Greene, the Rev. Lawrence Butler, Noah Covington, Gene Wallace, Ted O’Neil and your’s truly, the true king of all media, also known as Gungagungalunga Din.

Now, on to facts. Greene, you may recall, won the first part of the season and for her efforts is being rewarded with the honorary PMFL championship trophy, a quart bottle of Old Milwaukee and a dozen extra hot Buffalo wings. B.J. is in charge of making sure those get to her. And by the way, some of the below games have already been played. Such is 2020.

Liberty vs. Coastal Carolina: Noah and the Rev. are the only Liberty pickers.

Georgia Southern vs. Lousiana Tech: Everybody took the Iggles to do in the whatever-it-is Louisiana Tech is. True story, though. That’s where Terry Bradshaw played. Bring back the triple option!

Texas vs. Colorado: We all picked Longhorns, my fourtheenth favorite team.

Oklahoma State vs. Miami: Noah, Ben and Gene picked the ‘Canes. Rest rode with the Cowboys.

Army vs. West Virginia: Alex and Dawnne take the Mountaineers from East Ohio. The rest of us take Army to open up a can of whooping.

Wake Forest vs. Wisconsin: I take Wake. Everybody else goes with the Badgers.

Oklahoma vs. Florida: Alex and Ted take the Sooners. Go Gators.

Auburn vs. Northwestern: Noah, Rev. Butler and Ted pick Northwestern.

UGA vs. Cincinnati: Dawnne takes Bearcats. You’re truly refuses to pick and takes a miss whichever way it goes.

Texas A& M vs. UNC: I take Tar Heels in upset. Everybody else goes with the Jimbos, which sounds sort of like a vacation.

Alabama vs. Notre Dame: Everybody takes Bama. Even Ted, an ND believer.

Clemson vs. Ohio State: In a perfect world both these teams would lose big. Everybody takes Clemson, however.

Finals: B.J. and Alex take Clemson to win it all. Rest of us say Alabama wins it and Nick Saban adds to his trophy case, which by now is probably bigger than a warehouse out on Highway 280.

Happy 2021 everybody. And, as always, go Gamecocks.

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