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New local column "Outdoor Matters' debuts
Hector Claudio Outdoor Matters mug
Hector Claudio is a Richmond Hill resident.

My name is Hector Claudio and I am excited to be writing this new column, ‘Outdoor Matters’ for the Bryan County News. I am originally from Florida and have spent a lot of my life in the Atlanta region. My wife, daughter and I moved to Richmond Hill five years ago attracted by this wonderful community, great schools and most of all, the year-long outdoor activities we can enjoy in this sunny climate. I will be sharing with you some of my thoughts and experiences in and by the water in Bryan County.

I love boating and fishing. This area is perfect for me because I have access to the water and can go out on my boat and enjoy the amazing views with my family and friends. The community here is extremely welcoming and supportive – that’s why I wanted to start my business here. I also support our community by giving back to important causes that are really dear to my heart - family life and the military.

My career is in software development but boating is my passion and I know the difficulties of finding good quality, affordable sunglasses for when you’re on the water. That’s why I started Every Day Boater (EDB): to fill the gap in the sunglass industry. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial drive, but I wanted to find a product I believed in, something I would be passionate about. My passion then became filling a gap or niche in the market where people were not being properly serviced. My heart and my head inspired me to go into this industry.

My escape from school, computers, and office life is deeply tied to aquatic adventures. Even as a child, mangrove fishing in the intercoastal waterways of South Florida was a great learning experience and I valued the quality time I shared with my father and family. Now, don’t let me mislead anyone. I am not going to brag on being the best fisherman on the planet in this column! However, I will approach topics from my “weekend warrior” point of view and many different vantage points. There are many ways to enjoy the Bryan County coastal area with or without access to a boat. I will explore everything from the budget conscious approach to fishing and the extravagance of offshore fishing - as well as everything in between.

So, as you will realize, the time I spend in the great outdoors really matters to me. Watch this space for more about my discoveries, challenges, experiences and life on and by the water.

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