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Warner could be wakeup call for some folks
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Do the link to see the Warner Robins team website. It would take me 24 hours a day of nothing but updating our site to get it to look like this:

Someone told me earlier this year that Georgia high school football didn’t compare to its counterpart in Alabama. I think what they meant was football is better there. Well, ok.

Because by nature I am a polite person, I didn’t bother to explain that much of Georgia takes high school football every bit as seriously as they do in Alabama, or Florida, or South Carolina, etc. Truth is, you just don’t see the same level of football in the Coastal Empire as you do in certain other areas of the state.

I think folks who don’t think much of Georgia football are about to get a look at just how seriously it’s taken in this state -- and how competitive it is at its higher levels with the rest of the South and nation.

Here’s a link to the Warner Robins web site, just to give you a notion of the difference between the support the Demons have and that provided most schools in the area we call home. Where football, for some reason, has long taken a backseat to hoops.

Enjoy. And here's hoping the Wildcats pull the upset.


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