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Local bike shop aligns name to company vision
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Game Changers Bike and Multisport, operating at 8872 Ford Ave. in Richmond Hill, is officially rebranding as Hill On Wheels Bike Shop. 

“We have our new logos and the rest is in the works,” said business partner Ryan Peters. “We should be transitioned pretty soon. Our vision has always been centered on getting more people riding bikes in Richmond Hill and the surrounding area and we’ve spent considerable time looking for the right name to reflect that vision.”

Richmond Hill’s local bike shop celebrated two years in business in May. Whether it is a quality repair or new bicycle purchase, the shop has helped many get back in the saddle. 

“We repair all makes and models” said Chris Cousineau, service technician. “It is not our culture to be bike snobs. We’ll give your bike the best care, whether you purchased it from us or not.”

Cousineau has taken on the role of teaching three high school engineering students the tricks of the trade.  He is managing the bike trail project at the new Sterling Creek Park and leads two weekend workdays per month. Information about the workdays are posted on the bike shops Facebook page. 

“We had close to 20 at the last work day, including a local Cub Scout pack.” said Cousineau.

“The turnout is additional proof that the community wants more cycling infrastructure in Richmond Hill. A few years ago you may have seen a couple of riders here and there, but now you are seeing large groups every weekend." said business partner John Cameron. 

Hill On Wheels offers a weekly group ride at 7:30 a.m. every Saturday as well as a supported metric century once a month. The rides bring cyclists from Savannah, Pooler, Hinesville and other neighboring cities.

“Quite a few come here to ride, stay for lunch, or make other purchases in the city and that goes straight to our local needs.” Peters said. 

Hill On Wheels also hosts a social ride once a month called Ride and Dine. 

“You can’t get through the door without hearing a big, ‘Hello,’ from Sammy Jo Bonnell,” Peters said. “She instantly makes you feel at home and created this event to increase friendships through cycling.”

Ride and Dine usually takes off from a restaurant and features a shorter route of around 15 miles. 

"The mood is very relaxed and the pace is great for most cyclists. We get some exercise, share in laughter, and enjoy a meal afterwards." said Bonnell.

Cameron said that what continues to drive the shop are the guests who come in search of answers on how to ride more efficiently or to keep their bike running smoothly. 

“It is the, ‘I just signed up for a Triathlon and need help,’ conversations. It is those folks who set out on our group ride feeling fairly nervous and then hearing their excitement when they finish,” he said. “It is those who show up on a hot – or cold – Saturday morning ready to go 30 miles because they really need it and they know we really need it too.  

“It is in those moments when our team’s passion and our company’s commitment to cycling as an integral part of a healthy life creates an experience that is transcendental, rather than transactional,” he continued. “These experiences then take place beyond our shop, out on the roads, throughout the week, and that is when the vision of Hill On Wheels truly comes to life.”

For additional information, please contact the shop at 912-445-0247.

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