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Kevin Matthews is living the dream
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Former Richmond Hill High School lefthander Kevin Matthews has made a considerable splash in the world of baseball, of that there’s no debating. But between being picked in the first round by the Rangers, his recent promotion to the Hickory Crawdads, and all the while his continued immersion into a lifestyle that millions dream of but only a few get to experience; what has he learned?

Ever the player, Matthews put emphasis on how his training regiment and coaching staff has impacted his knowledge of the game, and his role in it.

As part of his training schedule, Matthews throws every four days and spends the remainder of his week in front of a white board "studying scenarios."

"I’m pitching smarter," said Matthews, "I spend a lot of time in a classroom, and that’s made me a lot smarter on the mound." His move to the Crawdads also means that Kevin is seeing a lot more action on the field, and he agreed, "I’m pitching a lot more."

Matthews has also picked up some skills that he didn’t necessarily plan on when he signed on with the Rangers as a senior from RHHS, "I’ve learned Spanish."

Read the full story in the June 6 issue of the Bryan County News.

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