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GSU women's rifle team holds tryouts
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On an overcast Wednesday afternoon, a new day dawned as Georgia Southern Women’s Rifle Team held tryouts at the University’s ROTC shooting range.
Georgia Southern’s 16th intercollegiate program will begin competition in the 2013-14 season.
Georgia Southern will compete in the air rifle discipline beginning this fall. Air Rifle uses a 0.177-caliber pellet, and shooters are 10 meters from the target. For women, the shooter gets 40 targets and one shot per target. Each team declares five shooters before the match, and four scores count towards the overall team score.
On Wednesday, shooters were given eight shots on scored targets while shooting a bolt-action .22 rifle. Each shooter took their shots from a standing position at 25 meters.
GSU President Dr. Brooks A. Keel paid a visit to the range during the tryouts and was given a turn at the trigger. With some instruction by the supervisors from the Georgia Southern Army ROTC, Keel put all five of his shots on target.

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