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Attack of the dirty diapers, part two
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While this is supposedly a sports blog, there are times I stray into more general topics. Like dirty diapers and people who leave them just any old where.

A week or so ago, I ran across a dirty diaper in the parking lot of the Richmond Hill branch of Goodwill. It seemed a bad place to put one, so I blogged about it.

Well, Wednesday I was exiting the Pembroke Public Library when I happened to look down at the trash can by the door and -- you guessed it -- another dirty diaper. That's two in three weeks. Actually, I should count the one I found while mowing our side lot back in May. Someone slung it in the woods from the road, apparently. It was there alongside a handful of empty mini bottles.

Granted, if I had a dirty diaper I would not want to carry it around with me and would be looking for somewhere to put it. And, certainly, putting  a dirty diaper in a trash can outside the Pembroke Public Library is better than throwing it in the parking lot or leaving it on the hood of my car as some sort of political statement.

I would think folks would seek out bathroom trash cans or some other place where the general public wouldn't be graced with an easy view of it. After all, a dirty diaper is really just one step removed from a wad of used toilet paper... and if we ever get to the point folks are leaving those lying about in parking lots and by the front doors of public libraries, we're in worse trouble than I thought.  

 With that said, I wonder where local political candidates stand on the topic of dirty diapers? Are they willing to take a stand and say 'no more. This must end.' 


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