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Junes the month to fish the salt water in Ga.
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If you live in coastal Georgia and like to fish you are in the right place, summer months give us endless fishing opportunities. Trout, redfish, flounder, tarpon, sharks and tripletail are just a few of the fish available in coastal Georgia waters during the summer months.     

This is a great time to carry the kids fishing.  Keep things real simple. Put a piece of shrimp on the bottom in any of the sounds and you should catch something. All the fish like shrimp, don’t get picky about what bites, most kids like catching anything that bites.

If you want to make things a little more complicated try catching trout and redfish on top water lures. You won’t believe how hard a trout strikes a top water lure until you see it happen. Mirro-lures , Zara-spooks and almost any surface running lure will work.

I like white and bright green colors. I didn’t believe the top water lures would work until I saw it work. The best time for the top water fishing is the first hour of daylight, and the last hour before dark. Try it, you might be surprised at what you catch.

The trout and redfish action should be good after the 17th as the tide levels come down. The tides will be good until around July 9.

The past few days the tides have been big and the water has been muddy. The trout should be all over the sounds and on the beaches, one of the main factors will be finding clear water. Big redfish have been hitting pretty good, especially early and late in the day. Small 6 to 10 inch redfish seem to be everywhere.  It looks like a real good crop of redfish which will be legal 14 inch fish in a couple of months.

The sharks seem to be everywhere. They are ranging in size from 6 inches to 6-foot plus monsters, they are all over the sounds and beaches.

Put a piece of fresh fish on the bottom and hang on. I caught a 6-foot tiger shark in knee deep water on the north end of Ossabow Island Sunday. If you want a big shark fish with a big bait.

Check state and federal regulation before keeping any sharks, they are a little complicated. If you plan on killing a shark for eating purposes, clean it ,or at least gut it within an hour. They must be brought back to the dock in one piece.

Grab your sunscreen, a fishing rod and take a kid fishing, something is always biting in the saltwater in June.

A charter boat captain, David Newlin of Richmond Hill has more than 40 years of experience fishing in coastal waters.

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