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The Journey Continues
Gerald Thomas III
Gerald Thomas, III - Courtesy photo provided by Troy Sawyer

Since adjoining with Bryan County News and Coastal Courier, I’ve endured much growth serving as the Sports Editor.

Allowing me to enter, revitalize, and be the vanguard to build a consistent sports section was a task that I knew I could strategically plan and properly execute to contribute to the first-rate publications.

The connection that I’ve forged with coaches, players, and athletic directors are unforgettable.

The likes of Jeff Whitten, Dee McLelland, Patty Leon, Mark Swendra, Mike Brown, and Caleb Bailey assisted in making my tenure with the company exceptional.

My time at BCN and the Courier allowed me to return to my hometown and family of nearby Savannah, Georgia after being away for half a decade to pursue a Mass Media degree at Valdosta State University.

Family is what I treasure the most so that will never be overlooked.

I always remember my mama telling me to spread my wings. And I always remember my pops telling me that there comes a time that the bird must leave the nest.

And life is an everlasting journey.

A journey that will take you through trials and tribulations that are pivotal to the development of your character. A journey that allows you to experience triumph and happiness to put your humbleness to the test.

Every single opportunity that I’ve accrued will be eternally cherished.

With that being said, I am proud to announce that I will be taking the trip down south to Northwest Florida, teaming with and joining the newsroom as the Beat Writer for Florida A&M athletics.

It’s like life comes full circle.

Prior to attending Valdosta State, FAMU was near the top of my college wishlist.

After being granted entry, I still decided to go a different route.

But six years later, I have the chance to gain some familiarity and credibility for the highly acclaimed Historical Black College and University.

With the emergence of the notoriety of HBCU athletics, I’m thrilled to be one of the driving forces to shed a positive light on black student-athletes.

For those that followed my work with the Bryan County News and Coastal Courier, stay with me!

Your support won’t go unnoticed.

You all will be dearly missed and can say that you played a part in my 24 years of life.

All that’s left for me to say is, Thank you. 

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