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Hendrix Park Stars
he Hendrix Park Stars 10U team finished first after an undefeated season. - photo by Photo provided.

Hendrix Park held their 10U Girls Softball Ultimate Fastpitch Tournament (Machine Pitch Division) June 20-21.

In the 10U machine pitch, there was three teams consisting of Hendrix Park All-stars, Liberty County All-stars and McIntosh County All-stars.

These teams played a round robin tournament and then a single elimination tournament.

The first game Hendrix Park beat Liberty County, 15-1. The second game Liberty County fell to McIntosh County, 15-5. The third game was McIntosh County falling to Hendrix Park, 14-5.

In the single elimination the first game was Liberty County playing McIntosh County. Liberty County had 12 to McIntosh County 19. The final game was McIntosh against Hendrix Park. McIntosh County had 3 and Hendrix Park had 18. Hendrix Park All-stars won first place for the tournament and McIntosh County All-stars finished second.

The stats for Hendrix Park for the tournament were: #32 Julianne Brown was 4 for 9 with 2 RBI’s a triple and a home run. #50 Emily Shiver was 7 for 9 with 4 RBI’s. Madison Young was 5 for 9 with 3 RBI’s and a double. #1 Paige Shuman was 7 for 8 with 6 RBI’s and 2 doubles. #9 Brittany Magnotti was 5 for 7 6 RBI’s and a home run. #2 Yasmine Crawford was 1 for 2. #15 Taylor Roop was 6 for 8 with 4 RBI’s a double and a home run.

#8 Logan Seger was 2 for 4 with a RBI. # 4 Kaylin Conley was 6 for 7 with 3 RBI’s and 3 doubles. #5 Mindy Myers was 3 for 6 with 5 RBI’s. #98 Alyssa Edwards was 2 for 4 with a RBI and a triple. #01 Kaylin Leggett was 6 for 7 with 4 RBI’s. #79 Katrina Stillwell was 4 for 8 with 5 RBI’s. # 17 Katie Marsh was 2 for 5 with a RBI.


- submitted by Hendrix Park

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