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Fish biting now in sound
Capt. Judy fishing

Inshore report

The inshore bite, especially with all the windy conditions, has been, to say the least, unpredictable for sure. However, fishing everyday like our inshore captains do, things are much better in the catching department. Our captains have been catching their own live shrimp, which means – at least most of the time – that their shrimp are livelier, less stressed out and last longer on the hook.

They have also been using mud minnows for bait, which also has worked like a charm on the fish.

Sound fishing = grand catching possibilities

The sound fishing has been great! Why? You really never know what you might catch.

And here’s the thing: Short boat rides to the sound area will get you some grand catching possibilities. It is so simple.

While using small pieces of shrimp, peeled or not, you’ll get bites from whiting, blue fish, summer trout, eels, stingrays, small to large sharks, croakers, spots, burrfish (the cutest fish ever) Spanish mackerel and others.

Lake Lanier

Mickey reports that Lake Lanier is productive right now. The fish have been on their spawn and have now started to group back up. The down line bite is still very productive.

However, the top water and trolling bite is good. The water temperature is at 65 and rising so the fish are active.

It’s time to do a little freshwater at Lake Lanier fishing! Why? Because now you know it is time to go. Give Mickey a call at 470-262-6035 and make reservations today.

Believe it or not: Preverbal talk wrench

My father had one of these old torque wrenches in a pale green cardboard box, which he kept under his bed. As a child I would occasionally pull the box out from under the bed and take a “serious looksee.”

To me this was an amazing tool because my father always called it “the talk wrench.” Now I can’t and won’t say that the wrench ever said anything, but I always wanted to give it as much opportunity as possible. I know it talked to daddy, because he said so!

Thanks for reading!

Capt. Judy Helmey can be reached at 912-897-4921 and

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