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Cold water reds, cold water fishing and a window story
Capt. Judy 1/21
Larry Linke of Chicago, Michael McLeavy of Idaho, and Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters. The men caught exactly 10 keeper spotted sea trout. Photo provided.

Inshore report:

All spotted sea trout this past week were caught in 10 to 16 feet of water. What does this mean? The spotted sea trout are in a deep water holding pattern! It is this fish’s winter time cold water mode. If you want to join them now you know where to go.

Although we have not had what I call a cold winter here on the coast our water temperatures have still been on the cold side. All inshore fishermen know that when the water temperatures are in the mid low 50s to mid 40s or thereabout “bites are few and far between!” However, bites can happen that’s if you follow a few rules.

Cold Water Reds!

I am always talking about mid day low tide stages. Now add a little winter morning and mid day sunshine to this scenario “and you got a good chance for a cold water red fish bite!” Here’s what happens when the low tide and sunshine comes together. The sun warms the exposed and near exposed mud. As the tide floods back over the mud flats cold water red fish know the drill. This would be their chance to feed comfortably, at least for a while. So if you happen to find such a scenario I suggest approaching the area quietly as possible so as to play the waiting game. As far as best baits: if you can’t go with the live stuff make sure that chunks are smelly as possible. After all it’s the smell that brings the fish to you and the hook up is what holds them!!!

Inshore and/or offshore

It’s sheepshead season for both inshore and offshore fishermen. The best baits are going to be the purple back fiddler, which definitely gets their biting attention. The secret is to drop bait by the edge of structure and wave it ever so slowly up and down in the water column! When you start feeling pressure it’s time to start reeling! Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters has been catching some really nice slot red fish and mega spotted sea trout! According to Captain Garrett’s fish catching report, due to colder water temps the fish have not been staying at one particular depth. So he suggests that once arriving at your fishing spot, you fish different depths before moving. In other words, work the spot like you are planning on staying while.

2021 Captain Judy’s Inshore/Offshore Fishing Clinics

Only for those fishermen that want the opportunity to hear about some great seasoned fishing knowledge!

February 19, 2021 Friday, February 20, 2021 Saturday and February 21, 2021 Sunday On inshore/offshore boats in the water $150.00 per person for inshore $150.00 per person for offshore Morning departures Time: 8:00AM till12:00 NOON Afternoon departures Time: 1 PM till 5:00 PM Snacks and drinks provided by Captain Judy Place: Miss Judy Charters dock 202 Wilmington Island Road, Savannah, Georgia 31410 912 897 4921 for more details!

We will be offering classes on the water in the boats: Inshore fishing Proven Inshore light tackle techniques revealed!

Red fish, spotted sea trout, and flounder!

And Offshore fishing Proven offshore techniques that took years to modify!

(Artificial reefs, Savannah Snapper Banks, and Gulf Stream) Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not!

Now you must be thinking, why would I take a picture of the window below.

Well, there is a story worth telling and this window is part of it. This picture could also be considered one worth hundreds of words Busy Body Brigade

This is my long time neighbor’s window. Now as far names I am certainly not going to mention any at least at this time. As you know my father was a “rounder,” which means he went out a lot and didn’t care much about what others thought. However, when he found out someone was talking about him; he basically liked it, because this is how a “card” thinks. In my father’s case, according to him the more they talked the easier it was to confront his so-called enemies. I know I shouldn’t say, “Enemies,” because you certainly wouldn’t want to label them that.

So we will call them what my father called them, “busy bodies,” which means people who were bored with their own lives and loved to talk about his.

Believe me there was a lot to talk about when it came to my father truly colorful life escapades.

According to my father most of the time it was someone’s lonely wife that had the most to say.

In my father’s case he always thought they had some sort of crush on him. According to my father all women loved him!

As a child I watched as women did fall all over him and in most cases he wasn’t really interested unless they had certain qualities.

My father used to say, “When it comes to some women I kind of think of them just like waterfalls of a duck’s back.”

How does water fall off a duck’s back? Fast and almost unnoticeable. My father really did have some interesting sayings and in most cases I understood, but can’t explain why!

I know I need to get back to the window picture. This house was located at the front of our driveway.

While watching through this window you could easily see my father’s coming and goings even if it was in the early morning hours. According to daddy if you waited up for this event it was for some serious thoughts for sure.

At any rate, once daddy got wind of all the scuttlebutt, he decided to make his going and comings a real interesting event. The first thing he did was to start stopping at the window and blowing the car’s horn until someone either came out or opened the window.

He decided to break the one doing all the talking in slowly, which means the first stops at the window were during the daylight hours. As time went on the stops got later and then they got earlier in the morning meaning after the evening had ended.

Many years ago after my father had already gone to that big fishing ocean in the sky I had a conversation with the husband of the wife who love to talk about daddy. Since I didn’t know anything about all of this I was all-ears. It went something like this: According to the husband, “When your father started doing this in the middle of the day it wasn’t so bad. The fact of the matter is I laughed.” However, when it went from daytime to early mornings I just wanted my wife to hurry up, open the window, scream “yes I know you are home Sherman!”

According to the husband, until his wife opened the window your father just kept blowing the horn.

I will admit this; my father certainly did have a loud car horn and in some cases sirens too.

Thanks for reading. Captain Judy

Capt. Judy is a local captain. She can be reached at 912-897-4921 or

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