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Charming video shows mother cougar frolic with cubs
It seems that most mountain lion videos on YouTube involve pulse-pounding rescues or encounters. But this recent video from California showcases the endearing interactions between a mother mountain lion and her two yearling cubs. - photo by Grant Olsen
GLENDORA, California It seems that when mountain lion videos appear on YouTube, they usually involve pulse-pounding rescues or encounters. Not so with a recent video from California-based photographer Robert Martinez.

Stretching more than 5 minutes, the video showcases the adorable interactions between a mother mountain lion and her two yearling cubs.

According to the Glendora City News, Martinez used camera traps in the foothills near Glendora to capture the footage. He has been filming big cats in the area for about four years and had seen the mother previously, nicknaming her Limpy.

I was hoping this might happen at one of my camera spots, Martinez wrote in the video description. I had a feeling Limpy and her kittens might return to some of her old spots that Ive been seeing her at over the last three years. I feel so lucky that my cameras captured such precious and intimate behavior between a mom and her yearlings.

One of the highlights from the video is watching the two cubs wrestle and frolic. The rambunctious cats even knock over one of the cameras at one point, then move in close to sniff the lens.

Its been a constant learning process and such a rewarding experience tracking these beautiful big cats, Martinez told the Glendora City News.
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