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Camp to tee off at Black Creek
Andrew Richards, PGA Professional at Black Creek will be instructing campers at the North Bryan County Rec. Dept Golf Camp which will be held in July. - photo by Photo by John Wood
The North Bryan County Recreation Department is currently organizing and planning a golf camp for July.
“We want to give kids a chance to get exposure to the game of golf so they can decide if it something that what to continue to pursue,” Recreation Department Director Pratt Lockwood said.
According to Lockwood, this is a chance for kids to learn about the game of golf without their parents having to go spend a lot of money on equipment.
“A parent would not want to go buy a $100 glove for a kid just starting T-ball just as you wouldn’t go buy a set of expensive golf clubs for someone that didn’t really know and understand the game of golf,” Lockwood said.
The structure of the camp will be one and a half hour sessions to be held on July 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23, 26, 28 and 30. Participants will get nine sessions at Black Creek golf course.
The cost of the camp is $150 and must be paid in advance at the Recreation Department office in Hendrix Park. The camp requires a minimum of 12 participants with a maximum of 20. For every camper over 12, the price will decrease.
Lockwood said that the campers will receive instruction from the staff of Black Creek golf course. Andrew Richards, PGA Professional at Black Creek will serve as the lead teacher.
“We want to provide a fun learning environment with peers of their age,” Richards said.
Richards stressed the fact that campers will learn and understand the fundamentals of the game of golf.
“We will cover all facets of the game of golf such as putting, driving, chipping, and iron play,” Richards said.
In addition to the importance of the fundamentals of the game Richards also plans to teach campers about proper golf etiquette and a working knowledge of rules of the game of golf.
Richards also plans to school the campers on the grand old traditions of golf.
“It is important these players are exposed to fundamentals, etiquette, rules and traditions of golf because the youth of today are the future of golf,” Richards said.
Deadline for registration for the golf camp is Friday, July 2. Registration and fees must be paid at the department office. For more information please call Pratt or Stella at North Bryan County Recreation Department, 858-4640.

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