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Boys' Soccer: Richmond Hill Defeats Camden, 3-1
The Wildcats made good use of a set piece to take the lead in the second half.

In a game that pitted the Wildcats of Richmond Hill against the Wildcats of Camden County for the second time in less than a week, Richmond Hill would come out on top 3-1.

“I am so happy with this win,” head coach Stephen Peterson said. “These guys decided to own it. They worked hard, They were selfless. They had trust. All of those things came together for something special–a win.”

Junior Nicholas Krull played in a way that was selfless in the evening–a huge part of the program for Peterson and the Wildcat–and is also something that they work on tirelessly.

“Nick had a great goal in the game,” Peterson said. “He was able to draw out the defense and cut back inside to get the goal instead of just taking a selfish shot. He had two like that and almost made both of them. That is a high IQ play. He was thinking bigger than himself.”

At the break, both Wildcats teams would sit at one apiece, but that would not last for very long as Richmond Hill was able to score on a corner kick and change the trajectory of the remainder of the game. 

“They really turned up the heat at the half,” Peterson said. “They worked much harder and smarter in the second half of the game. We were able to get things moving from left to right, just the way that we wanted it to. We had our heads up and took the tempo down.

“That trust for one another really came into play in the second half. We started playing with real teamwork. We want to keep building on these things. We solidified the head to head tonight with Camden. Now we have to go on the road to Moultrie, in a tough game against Colquitt County.”

Senior and captain Owen Baum was the Player of the Match for Richmond Hill. He held his own from his center-mid position and organized both the offense and the defense, distributing the ball well.

Richmond Hill (4-3-1) will travel to Moultrie to take on the Colquitt County Packers (7-1-1) on March 8. Kickoff will be at 7:30pm.

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