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Athlete Focus: Lexi Oge
lexi oge
Lexi Oge (mid-air) in action for the Lady Wildcats. Photo provided by Zane Rowland.

Lexi Oge is a senior athlete on the Richmond Hill High School Lady Wildcats basketball team. Although their season has just come to a close after a crushing loss to Grayson, Oge is able to fondly reflect on her high school career as a Lady ‘Cat.

“I had a good experience overall,” said Oge. “I can say that it was not always easy. I definitely had to work to get where I am currently. I really did enjoy my time on the team, regardless of the difficulties. The bonds that I have with my teammates are everlasting.”

Oge and the Wildcats had a great season, and it was something to build on for the future of the program, and Oge was a big contributing factor in helping make the program great.

“I really enjoyed being able to accomplish the things that we set out to do,” Oge said. “We were able to beat teams that we could not beat in the past, and that has really put Richmond Hill girls’ basketball on the map.”

In their final home game, Richmond Hill would secure a playoff victory for Valdosta, a huge boost for building the program. Oge was able to hit a near half-court shot just before the buzzer to end the first period to push their lead to 16-7.  

“That was not a designed play, nor was it planned at all,” Oge said. “I just saw that we only had a few seconds left, and I put up a shot. I had been practicing some longer-range shots prior to the game, so I think that even helped a little bit.”

The girls’ basketball team reached 17 wins on the season, as well as made a playoff-berth. Each year, the program continued to build and grow, and Oge attributes that to the team’s togetherness. 

“I honestly think we continued to improve because we all have the same goals,” Oge said. We also do not just see one another as teammates. We have a family mindset and a lot of us have been playing with one another since elementary school. We also all hangout a lot outside of the court, which really helps.”

Now that her high school basketball career has come to an end and her senior year will come to a close at the end of May, Oge is beginning to look ahead for what is next in her future.

“I plan on continuing my basketball career at the collegiate level,” Oge said. “I have a couple of offers currently, and I am taking my time now to decide where I want to commit to playing the next few years.”

Oge currently holds offers from Wooster College in Ohio, Hood College in Maryland and Randolph College in Virginia.

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