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Athlete Focus: Jada Brown
Jada Brown
Jada Brown in action against Valdosta. Photo provided by Chase Goodman

Richmond Hill Lady Wildcat Jada Brown has been an integral part of the success of the program so far this season, helping lead the team to a 12-3 record, including winning their region opener over Valdosta on Friday evening.

“I want to see how far this game takes me,” said Brown. “I really enjoy playing the sport and I want to play this game for as long as it allows me to. It is something I am passionate about and that and my family motivate me to be my best each day.”

So far, the game has taken her to be one of the most dominant players for the Richmond Hill Lady Wildcats basketball team, as she can routinely be seen hustling around on the floor and making choice plays in-game.

“I know it is far off, but I really hope that I can make it to the WNBA,” Brown said. “That is my ultimate goal and dream. Not that I am not enjoying being in high school, which I definitely am, but someday I hope to make it to that level of play.”

Brown got her first taste of the game about seven years ago when she first moved to Richmond Hill and fell in love with the sport. She has not looked back since picking up a basketball.

“I first started playing back in the fourth grade,” Brown said. “I think that it was for the Lakers, but the first team I ever played on was for the rec department here in Richmond Hill. It was a great experience for me even then.”

For Brown and for many of the other members of the Richmond Hill Lady Wildcats basketball team, the team feels like a family and has great unity amongst one another.

“Our chemistry is very strong,” Brown said. “We have all been playing together for a while. “We all know one another really well, and that allows us to play at our best. It feels like a family and they are all my sisters.”

After high school, Brown hopes to continue to play the game that she loves while heading off to college, and let’s not forget about those future plans of playing in the WNBA someday!

“I hope to study something related to sports when I get to college,” Brown said. “I have not decided what exactly, but I do want to remain in sports. Sports Medicine and Sports Management are both potential options for me.”

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