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Wounded Warrior Project is like a scam
Letter to the editor

Editor, I’ve been seeing a lot more commercials for the Wounded Warrior Project on television recently, requesting that I send in my $19 per month.
An excerpt from the commercial’s script, I think, goes something like this: “…From the fields of Vietnam to the hills of Afghanistan…” This implies they provide assistance to all veterans. Next comes the pitch from Trace Atkins, encouraging viewers to mail in their $19 per month to help these wounded veterans.
The fact of the matter is, the Wounded Warriors Project discriminates and only provides assistance to a very small minority of needy veterans. Those who were wounded on the USS Cole or in Grenada, Panama, Bosnia-Kosovo, Vietnam and Korea can forget about it. They ask for assistance from WWP and get nada, zip, zilch.  
The WWP charter states they only assist veterans wounded after Sept. 11, 2001, which is their prerogative, but with no disclosure, the implication is they assist any and all wounded warriors.  
Why are they hoarding more than $150 million in their bank accounts and paying WWP executives annual salaries of over $300,000 when so many disabled veterans need a little assistance ?
Sounds like a scam to me unless full disclosure is provided.

— Bruce McCartney, four-tour combat medic

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