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Will she testify? Victor weighs in
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Victor Pisano

As I write this prior to publication on Thursday, Sept. 27, I don’t know the exact answer, but I have a good hunch as to whether or not Professor Christine Ford will give testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

No. She won’t and this is my view why.

Let’s do a little relevant past history first.

The FBI did investigate Judge Clarence Thomas and the accusations made against him by Anita Hill. The FBI reported, “that they found no evidence to substantiate Anita Hill‘s accusations.” This finding has not been referenced very much, has it?

Thomas and Hill were both federal employees, which warranted some sort of an investigation especially being that it was so close in time to Anita Hill’s claim. The FBI, however, has NO jurisdiction on civil cases that literally go back decades. The FBI does background checks. Yes. They already did six previous background checks on judge Kavanaugh. NADA. If nothing is reported, then nothing happened and the FBI is dormie in their pursuit.

However, if a young woman was in fact raped or a victim of attempted rape, she would remember that incident for the rest of her life – obviously. So? In order to state her case, Professor Ford must testify without hindrance.

Presumption of innocence until proven guilty and to face one’s accuser, however, goes back to the Magna Carta and is one of the keystones of the American Constitution and constitutional law. No one knows this better than Judge Brett Kavanaugh. His accuser, or accusers, must accuse “first.” He must defend second. This will be the deal breaker and Professor Ford will break the deal under “duress.” So, the professor of psychology from California who is afraid to fly will be a no-show.

Regardless, guilt by association, or innuendo, or guilt by fabrication must be quickly denounced and squelched. The accuser, if falsely accusing someone knowingly, should be held accountable by law. Professor Ford must know at least that. She also knows that Judge Kavanaugh cannot prove himself innocent of rape, but in truth, Professor Ford cannot otherwise prove that he did. Tie goes to the accused in this civilized world regardless of what the Democrats would have you believe.

For this reason, I doubt seriously that Professor Ford will appear at all unless of course someone, 36 years ago, “someone,” attempted to rape her. But who? No one will ever know, which would make rendering a “guilty as charged” verdict against the judge impossible and a criminal act unto itself.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be the next Supreme Court justice of the United States. Make no mistake about that. What is lost on his accuser and her legal team is that Brett Kavanaugh is obviously a singularly brilliant jurist and so much ahead of them in legal brain power and understanding of everything they are attempting. They are underestimating him, which is a fatal flaw on their part. He is also innocent – until “proven” otherwise. We the people say so.

If for some reason Judge Kavanaugh is denied the Supreme Court seat, which is extremely unlikely, then that would also mitigate that he would be required to forfeit his federal judgeship to the “second highest court in the land,” the Appellate Circuit Court in the District of Columbia. He must resign that bench as well.

Not going to happen.

Professor Ford also refuses to fly or to allow “reporters to be present“ during her testimony. Her team also demands that the judge may not be present while their client gives her testimony. Another red herring of guilt by association in my view. An old legal ploy that the mainstream media eats up along with the Democrats. In the ancient Chinese book, “The Art of War,” Sun Tzu wrote, “the first error to assure defeat is to underestimate your enemy.” Well, the Democrats are guilty of that mistake right out of the gate.

Thursday will be here soon enough. If Professor Ford’s lawyers keep demanding terms to the Senate Judiciary Committee, then when Thursday the 27th comes, Senator Grassley will call the committee vote to move Judge Kavanaugh out of committee to be voted on and confirmed by the United States Senate.

In the end, all the hysterical plotting will fall short for the Democrats. They just don’t have the votes to truly resist change unless Professor Ford comes armed with proof of her allegations of rape. If she cannot bring proof, she will not appear and the Democrats will weave that into proof of their own of Republican collusion.

So, my prediction? Professor Christine Ford doesn’t show and the Democrats continue their rant and demand to delay the constitutional process - b ut to no avail.

Thursday will be the day. Will I be correct? Will Lady Justice stay “blind?”

We shall “see.”

Pisano is a writer and Ford Plantation resident.

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