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Who’s going to be in charge?
pastor corner

Everyone wants to know who is going to be in charge. Some are Democrats, some Republicans, some Independents. They are so caught up in politics that they fail to see that not one of these parties is really in charge.

 Men have come and gone for thousands of years and the true leader has not changed. He works in the affairs of men; He brings nations to power and removes them when He desires. This leader knows what is good for all men, not just a few. This leader has been in charge before the world began and is still in charge today. Jehovah God is the one in charge and He always will be in charge (Dan. 4:17).

Before the world began God was in charge. He formed the earth and all that is in it including mankind (Ex. 20:11). God allowed man to make decisions, giving man the ability to choose to follow Him or not (Josh. 24:15). Man made wrong choice. Man determined to try and be like God and disobeyed God. Because of this decision sin and death came to the world.

The world became so wicked that Jehovah showed His power over mankind by destroying the world with a universal flood (2 Peter 3). Only one man and his family survived God showing who really was in charge. This man Noah loved God and found grace in His sight (Gen.6:8 – 13). All that God asked Noah to do he accomplished, with the help of God. As powerful and wicked as man had become, he still was not in charge.

When God’s people went down to Egypt because of famine and the leadership of Joseph they were blessed by God (Gen. 46 – 48).

When a Pharaoh came to power who thought he was all powerful, God once again showed mankind just who was in control (Ex. 1:8).

God sent His servant Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go, but Pharaoh believed he was in charge, so he refused. God sent ten plagues against Egypt and in doing so showed that He, Jehovah was the one in control. Pharaoh let God’s people go (Ex. 7 – 12). Later in their history

God’s people themselves forgot who was in control. They became caught up in idolatry and all kinds of wickedness. God sent many prophets to them trying to show them that they needed to remember that God was in control. The people refused.

Because of this God sent two mighty nations against His people. Assyria destroyed the ten northern tribes of Israel (Isaiah, Jeremiah). The king of Assyria believed he was all powerful and in control. God showed the Assyrians they were not in control. Babylon came along and defeated the Assyrians. King Nebuchadnezzar the great Babylonian king thought he was all powerful. God showed him personally who was in control, causing him to become as a beast of the field (Dan. 4:25 – 35).

He learned just who was in charge, God. His descendants also learned Jehovah was in charge when they too were destroyed (Dan. 5).

Many other examples could be given, but the fact is and always will be – God is always in control. Man may think he has control, but what control he has is given by God and can be taken away at any time.

Man may have his thought about the way things should be, some good some bad. The point is that all should strive to find God and follow His ways.

If a person or nation will do this God will bless them.

Man should never place all his trust in humans for there is only one who oversees all and that is God.

Study His word and obey it, live for Him remembering that He has the power and control not man.

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