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‘Who ya gonna call?’
pastor corner

In 1984 and then again in 2021 Hollywood came up with movies titled, “Ghostbusters”.

A theme song for both these movies also went by that same name, “Ghostbusters”. In those songs was a common phrase that asked the question; “who ya gonna call”? In the movie you could call 3 people who had the ability to remove ghosts from your life. They were the answer to the question, “who ya gonna call”?

In real life, mankind has a lot of issues, with the main one being the sin problem, of which we are all born into. So, how do we receive forgiveness, peace and eternal life. In other words, who ya gonna call? We find this addressed in Romans 10:13, where it states, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”, (will receive the forgiveness of sins, peace and eternal life).

King David had confidence in God’s promise of answering those who call out to Him. He says in Psalm 55:16, “As for me, I shall call upon God, and the Lord will save me”. The issue is not that there is no one to call, but will you call on the one who can and will help you?

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