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What is considered “trash”?
pastor corner

The other day as I was doing one of my prayer walks, I was passed by the truck that picks up our trash. I started thinking about what people decide to put into their trash verses what they decide is worth keeping. It has always amazed me that most people are either leaning towards being hoarders or ending up throwing away technically good and valuable stuff.

I think that people make decisions on a spiritual nature as to things which should be considered as priorities and things they may look at as trash to be discarded out of their lives.

For example, we are told that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, meaning that Jesus and His teachings should be priorities in our lives. This would mean that choosing to become a follower of Jesus should be a priority. This means that worshipping Him will be a priority, finding our ministry will become a priority and giving to advance His ministry will become a priority. The sad thing is that with many, other things become more of a priority and the most important things are discarded.

It is true that there are things that need to be discarded out of our lives that become hinderances to us, preventing us from being totally committed to Jesus Christ.

May each one of us analyze our own lives to make sure we are keeping the good and throwing out the bad.

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