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What cities do
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Richmond Hill and other state municipalities are celebrating Georgia Cities Week this week. Sponsored by the Georgia Municipal Association, it is an opportunity for cities to showcase what they do for their citizens and also highlight the contributions cities make to the overall well-being of a community.

We, in this city, are lucky to have a dedicated group of employees who work diligently to make life better in the city.

From police and fire protection to streets to planning and zoning to the general administrative staff and the rest of the city’s employees, I couldn’t be more pleased with this group of highly dedicated professionals.

They take their work very seriously and try to help citizens solve their problems. Most people don’t realize it, but city governments have a more direct impact on their citizens’ lives than do state and federal governments. More of their day-to-day life is spent interacting with city employees than any other level of government.

That’s why it’s important that we in city government get it right when it comes to serving the people who pay our salaries.

I think we’ve got it right.

This week gives cities an opportunity to focus on city services and how they benefit our citizens. We started last week with curbside pickup of all bulky items. We picked up anything not of a hazardous nature.

Stoves, couches, other furniture, you name it. We had them all.

We’ve had a number of activities so far this week, to include a business breakfast, and I hope you’ll take advantage of the activities for the rest of the week.

The dedication of city employees isn’t limited to one week a year though. They go out of their way all year long. Some problems we can solve, others we can’t.

But, by and large, we solve many. As the week draws to an end, let me assure you that city government is and will always be responsive to your needs. My door, along with City Manager Mike Melton’s, is always open to listen to your concerns and to try and find solutions.

That’s what city government does.

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