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We are all ‘bombs’
Georgene Brazer
Georgene Brazer

The other day I was having a phone conversation that went on and on covering many subjects.

It was a good conversation.

Shortly thereafter, the individual I was talking with sent me a text message about how enjoyable it was, how we covered so many important topics and ended with’ “you are the bomb.”

I reflected upon that idiomatic expression, slang, “you are the bomb.” I never gave credence to what it meant, what it said till now.

I never liked it, till now, because bomb isn’t a word I use to express wonderful thoughts about an individual like awesome, great, successful. But suddenly it clicked.

Suddenly it made sense.

It adds to my definition of heroes that I write about because they too are bombs. Stories and who we are help make connections between us and among us. The threads of those stories, mostly never told, make up relationships, many different types of relationships, subtle or overt, that enrich our lives, a part of us that too often remains unknown. I reflected on these last few weeks and what occurred that makes my point. We had a horrific fire in Richmond Hill that I wrote about. The police, fire and EMS rushed to the scene. They went so far as to help the distraught renters move furniture, collect items from their units, and sympathize.

These activities remain unknown. The building owner was more concerned about his tenants than his loss. I heard of tenants in other buildings who offered temporary space in their rentals. People offered to loan furniture to the beleaguered tenants, others offered to help locate space for them.

A fund raiser was held for the fire victims filled with individuals, many of whom came to participate without knowing who the tenants were but who care about the wellbeing of others.

People of all backgrounds, a collage of voices joining together.

At the City Council meeting on the 5th, a special award for the City Attorney of 40 years, named aptly, the Friend of the City award was presented. A surprise award, the room was filled with those who worked with him, have known him for years there to wish him well.

These are recent, simple examples but clear indicators of concern, interest and participation, “bombs” all.

Stories and who we are help make connections between us and among us. The threads of those stories make up relationships, many different types of relationships, to enrich our lives.

As those of you who follow my articles know, I write about positive ideas and positive people, their stories, those with a desire to serve in the public arena. But that nnocent comment in a text made me realize there is a different kind of serving by all of us that gets no acknowledgement. So, I write today about us, those doing for others without acknowledgement or reward.

We are the heart of Richmond Hill, of Bryan County, who enhance our city, our county, our “home.” All our experiences, our participation, is proof each of us is, like those I write about entirely unique.

Upon reflecting, I realized that our stories, our actions have untold power. How fortunate we are to be able to give the nameless our thanks. We are all bombs!

Georgene Brazer is chairwoman of the Downtown Development Authority of Richmond Hill and a regular contributor to the Bryan County News. You can reach her at georgenebrazer@

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