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There is a lot going on in the world right now. Usually when I get stuck on what to write about, it is due to a lack of interesting stuff on which to comment. Fortunately there is a buffet of topics making headlines right now. Crazy politics and our government shutdown of course lead the way.
I am hopeful that Congress will be able to pass bills that will keep things intact for our senior citizens, the military and our veterans. This is the least we should be doing as a nation. If the government shutdown continues for any length of time, we will all be affected in some form or fashion.
As sad as this is, one has to wonder how long we could keep up our pace of spending and borrowing without any consequences. I feel terrible for our government workers that are affected right now — but what about the 300 million-plus that are on this train to China? Something has to give.
I sold my little skiff the other week and wanted to buy myself a kayak so I could continue to paddle the waterways of Bryan County. After a very brief exchange with Jennifer, my wife, she said, “Not right now, we do not have enough money saved up.”
She was right and sure enough a few days later we had a family health issue arise and needed what extra money we did have to pay the balance that insurance would not cover. My wife is smart.
Too bad our government can’t get a grip on how to save money and when to spend it. Whatever happened to “rainy day funds?” People used to save, so when a crisis hit they could ride out the storm until things got better. We would definitely be better off if we subscribed to Jennifer’s way of thinking.
My idea for solving this whole thing is a little more radical. I would clone the Geico motorcycle guy that is made out of money about a million times and then have all of them ride around D.C. for a couple days until enough money dropped off their bodies to fund the government and pay off our debt to China. Now who’s looking smart?
And y’all know our government is way too big when we discover that a guy who was a former senior advisor for the Environmental Protection Agency is also posing as a CIA agent — although he never worked for the CIA. Word on the street is he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express while taking all those lavish trips on the taxpayer dollar, so I guess that makes it OK.
And last but certainly not least, kudos to all our veterans that refused to let the government shut-down stop them from visiting the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. It is that kind of fortitude and spirit that keeps our country safe and free.
I’m doing my part to cut out wasteful spending. Did you know that if you keep your vehicle speed between 50 and 55 mph you will save gas? Maybe Nixon knew what he was doing with that National Maximum Speed Law of 1974 after all.
Jennifer says I’m going to cause an accident driving so slow. I told her I’m saving money so I can buy a kayak!

DeLong is the executive director of The Suites at Station Exchange. You can e-mail him at:

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