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Voting affirmed belief in democracy
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While working at the polls on July 20 for the Democratic and the Republican Primaries I experienced something special.
I was able to watch our government at work.
In an orderly fashion, without stones being thrown, fires burning, or bombs going off, people, one by one, filed through the Recreation Center in Richmond Hill and cast their vote.
They were all ages -- old, middle and young. Sons helped their aged parents to the voting machines and young parents scanned the screen while holding a baby on one hip and a 2-year-old on the other.
Maybe that’s why a sense of affirmation and the knowledge that we are doing the right thing comes to the poll worker, even if there is no air conditioning in our building and it is 95 degrees outside.
It happens when we hear someone in their 90’s speak of the importance of taking a stand on their beliefs. Plenty came to take that stand Tuesday.
They came with canes, walkers, magnifying glasses; all to cast their vote.
It happens when we see the first time voter, barely 18 and a little apprehensive, but wanting to experience the first real act in their life which labels them an adult; guiding their government in the direction they feel will benefit our city, county, state, and country.
What an exciting thing to be privy to.
Normally I’m busy worrying about the Historical Society and Museum.
That means dealing with the history of our area, trying to make sure we remain engaged with our past and in touch with our heritage. We do a reasonably good job of that.
Lots of old photographs, written words, maps, and often-told stories grace the walls of our museum. They are stories about the people who helped build Richmond Hill and Bryan Neck to make us become who we are.
But on Tuesday, I witnessed something else.
On Tuesday I was able to experience the people of our area deciding who we will become.

Volker is president of the Richmond Hill Historical Society.

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