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Voter apathy should be illegal
Letter to the editor

Editor, Our country is in a precarious position. Our government is intruding in our personal lives, and our religions are under attack. The government is ignoring the invasion from south of the border, as well as the dangers imposed by ISIS and other terrorist groups.
In a few weeks, we will have one of the most important elections in our history. This election holds significant influence in determining the direction in which America will go and what kind of lives will be handed down to our children and grandchildren. I’m not going to suggest to you how to vote, but it is very clear who will turn the country around and who will keep us going down the path of no return.
As voters in Liberty County, we must find replacements for two people who stood up for Georgia, Fort Stewart and our traditional way of life. We need to find conservative leaders to replace Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Rep. Jack Kingston if we want lawmakers who will stand up to a failed presidency.
The Ninth Amendment to the Bill of Rights made it clear that the federal government would not have the power to deny individual rights that were not specifically mentioned in the document, yet that is happening today. Only by getting the right leaders in Congress can we prevent the government from becoming totalitarian.
Voting is not just an option — it is our obligation. Apathy should be listed as one of the deadly sins, as apathy predicts the erosion of our society. By staying home, you are letting the “few” elect a government that may not be “for the people.” Early voting already has started, and there are two locations for your convenience — Hinesville and Midway. There is no reason for anyone not to vote. It’s time to get off your duffs and protect our way of life. Your vote does matter!

— Len Calderone

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