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Volunteers sought for RH Library
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The Richmond Hill Library needs people power assistance.
 We’re not looking for monetary donations, just a few people to help us with a clean-up, fix-up project. You may be aware that our current library building is now beginning to show signs of wear and while we hope to replace it with a new facility, that is for the future. The Library Manager, Kate Barker, and one of the Library Trustees, Marvin Back, are setting up a project to do some much needed fix-up, clean-up to preserve the current structure which will make it not only look better, but also keep it in good shape for when the building is ultimately returned to Bryan County for disposition.
 Here’s the plan: We need volunteers to power-wash the exterior, do a thorough raking of the lawn, clean out and wash the gutter system, make some minor exterior repairs and at a later date do some interior repainting. We’ll do it on a Saturday (24 July-start at 8:30 a.m.) so helpers won’t have to take time off their regular jobs. If we get enough volunteers, we should be able to complete the exterior work in five or six hours. When volunteers arrive they will be assigned specific tasks. Boy Scout Troops, school groups and other friends are welcome to join our effort. 12 to 15 volunteers will be sufficient. Younger members would be assigned the task of raking the grounds and picking up branches and litter. Gloves are a must for those raking in order to prevent blisters -- bring your own gloves and rakes, please.
 We already have a power washer and ladders with which to take care of washing the exterior and cleaning the gutter system. Garden and leaf rakes are needed.
 Volunteers may call the library (912) 756-3580 (Kate Barker) or call me at (912) 445-5302 to submit your name or group as helpers. Also, please provide a phone number in case we have to reschedule due to weather. Your help will be very much appreciated.
 Both project leaders emphasize the need for safety and each volunteer will be asked to sign a liability waiver.

Back, a retired major general, is the newest appointee to the Bryan County Library Board.
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