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U.S. needs conservative women in spotlight
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There are many stereotypes associated with the Republican Party, one being that all Republicans are old men who wear suits and glasses. Also, women and minorities tend to be looped in the same category as Democrats, just because they appear to be more sympathetic.
What some people fail to realize is that there are a multitude of conservative women out there who possess the qualities needed to put our country on the fast track for success. All of the beautiful, strong-willed, yet intelligent women of the conservative community need to be put in the forefront.
Obviously, people feel threatened by conservative women because of their great amount of common sense. Take Joy Behar, who is a liberal, and Sharron Angle, a Nevada Republican who challenged Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Behar insults Angle, but Angle handles the situation in a witty way by sending her flowers and humorously telling Behar that she helped Angle raise $150,000 through her campaign website. This kind of sophisticated humor is something that the Democrats need a little dose of.
Sarah Palin, for example, is strong-willed and good looking, and when it comes to conservative values, she knows what she’s talking about. When Palin ran for vice president in 2008, far left women discredited her on a regular basis instead of supporting a woman trying to help our country. Palin still remained professional and cordial. The fact that she is attractive, clever and has common sense is what makes her so remarkable.
One of the few other conservative women on the forefront is Ann Coulter. She not only is incredibly witty, but she also is a strong advocate for our way of life: capitalism.
These are the types of women we need to see more often. These women aren’t out promoting their beliefs just to get another vote for their respective party. They do it also to raise awareness of the current direction of our country. If more practical, conservative women were to step into the limelight, they ultimately could inspire girls all over the country to become contributing members of society, utilize our freedoms and further our democratic way of life.
In order to thrive as a political party, it would be in the Republicans’ best interest to build upon the personal qualities and ideas that conservative women have to offer. Having conservative spokeswomen not only could bring in female voters, but it also could bring fresh ideas and concerns that would benefit not only the GOP, but the country as well.

Sheffield is a senior at Richmond Hill High School and a member of the Young Republicans Club.

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