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TSPLOST, ponies and an email
From the editor
Jeff Whitten NEW
Jeff Whitten is managing editor of the Bryan County News and Coastal Courier until he is replaced by a back neck device.

"Once more unto the breech, dear friends, once more."

That’s from Shakespeare, believe it or not, and a scene in Henry V. It shows that while I may be short and stubby and prefer a cold beer while sitting on a fishing pond to anything with the word "upscale" attached to it, I am not entirely illiterate. Besides, I like a bit of the Bard as much as the next well read fellow.

As for what it means, well, it’s a rallying the troops to combat. I tend to think of it in terms of getting out another issue of the Bryan County News, when, to quote Billy S., Ted O’Neil, Pat Watkins and I get down to business and storm whatever ramparts are in front of us with cutlasses between our teeth and sippy cups on our desks so we don’t spill anything.

That especially goes for Ted’s chewing tobacco cup.

Anyway, in this issue, you’ll see more support from business and government leaders for an upcoming TSPLOST, the acronym for transportation special purpose local option sales taxes. Or, T-SPLOSH, as Jimmy Burnsed calls it. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten to the point in most communities that this is the best and quickest way to pay for infrastructure improvements.

I’d personally prefer to see a combination of local and statewide transportation impact fees assessed on new growth — let those who benefit most economically from new development pay the headaches it can cause the rest of us — but Georgia’s so far behind the 8-ball in funding infrastructure it’s borderline criminal, in my opinion.

I do believe, however, any TSPLOST should include funding for alternate forms of transportation. Rail, bikes, hikes, whatever will move people from point A to point B.

Adding more lanes just creates more traffic, and that leads to the need for more roads, which will eventually need more lanes.

Think Highway 144, which will go to four lanes and soon be much like Highwy 21 in Effingham and Chatham County. That mess is a wall-to-wall exercise in what happens when you turn the keys of local government over to folks who use it to make themselves wealthier. That would be gridlock, congestion and an onslaught of growth that doesn’t take into account the impact it has on surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

Anyway, with the widening of 144, it’s going to get even more squirrelly around South Bryan soon. If you can afford it, buy a helicopter. Or a tank.

And yes. A vote against TSPLOST is kind of like cutting your nose off to spite your face at this point. If you’re pinching pennies then adding another penny to the dollar when you already pay several isn’t really fair, but if you want to make a difference get out and run for office.

Speaking of Georgia’s lack of focus on infrastructure, our gubernatorial candidates on the right seem to give not much thought to commutes. They’re instead trying to see who can lock up the most illegal aliens and deport them over the border before these bad people ransack Atlanta.

What makes it interesting to me is that with the exception of Hunter Hill and Clay Tippins, none of the candidates on the right have any combat experience I’m aware of, and yet there they are, standing around in my TV set dressed business casual, trying to look like they want to wander down into the ‘hood to start cleaning house.

Naturally, this is called campaigning.

It would be good, I think, to get candidates who actually have the interest in getting face to face with some of those folks they want gone. Maybe we’d all learn something.

Speaking of infrastructure, I dreamt that Gov. Nathan Deal went to Rincon to sign a law requiring all commuters on Highway 21 to get rid of their vehicles and ride ponies back and forth instead.

I do not know why Deal signed this bill, but it conjures up quite the mental image, especially if Deal makes it a statewide mandate in my next dream.

Imagine 144 in the morning with two lanes chock full of commuters balanced atop ponies, some with Salt Life stickers on their flanks, and backed up from 17 to Timber Trail, each trying desperately to out trot the rest of the herd to the I-95 exit. Heh.

Finally this, straight from the email inbox. No edits.


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Thanks, have a great rest of the week and congratulations to the Class of 2018.

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