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Trump cares about and helps people
Letter to the editor
Letter to the Editor generic

Editor, For some reason, many people think badly of Donald Trump. Maybe it’s because he is new to the political scene. Actually, that is a good thing, considering how badly politicians have damaged our country. But to understand Trump, you need to know the man. Obviously, he is a self-made billionaire, which means that he has good instincts and knows how to create businesses, which we are in sore need of now.

But most importantly, he cares about people. In 1986, he heard about a widow who was about to lose her home. Donald stopped the foreclosure and paid the mortgage. In 1988, a commercial airliner refused to transport a sick child because of all of the medical life-support equipment that the boy needed. Donald sent his private jet and flew the child from Los Angeles to New York.

In 1991, 200 Marines were stranded at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, because of a mix-up. Again, Donald sent his private jet to make two trips so that the soldiers could be home with their families. In 1995, a motorist stopped to help with a flat tire on his limo. The man only asked for flowers for his wife. Donald sent the flowers and a note stating that the man’s mortgage was also paid off.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago allowed blacks and Jews. The city of Palm Beach, Florida, objected. He sued the city. Since then, all clubs followed his lead. Back when Jennifer Hudson’s family was murdered in Chicago, Trump put Jennifer and her family in his hotel for free and provided security for them.

When he heard that a bus driver had prevented a woman from jumping off a bridge in New York, Donald sent the man a check simply because he felt a good deed deserved a reward. Remember the Marine who accidently made a wrong turn in Mexico and wound up in jail for seven months while President Barack Obama did nothing? Trump helped the Marine financially to get back on his feet.

A black female executive for Trump had a drug-abuse problem. Instead of firing her, Trump stood by her as she recovered. And some people say he is a bigot and woman hater.

Hillary Clinton has done nothing to help others that didn’t have a political motive. Who do you want for president: a caring man or an unindicted criminal?

Len Calderone


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