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Time for priorities
pastor corner

For most people this year, Christmas time should not be so hectic and busy. Most of the time our calendars are full and we are trying to figure out what to say no to. The Covid virus is not a good thing in itself at all but because of it, there are many less events, parties and other gatherings we are invited to. 

I see a few ways where the average person or family can use this, what is itself bad, and create good out of it. First, we can spend more time with our families; at least our immediate family. Secondly, we can personally better enjoy this time of year; we can take time for ourselves. Finally, we can take more time to celebrate the reason for the season and that is to celebrate the birth our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Some are so busy and tired this time of year that even going to church becomes like a chore and we end up getting our priorities all mixed up. 

We need to understand that what Joseph told his brothers in Genesis 50:20 can be so true for us today. He said, "God intended it for good".

 Our God never allows anything to happen that He cannot turn around for our good.


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