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A time to be good for something
Guest columnist

By Craig and Sharon Butts, Unity in the Community

The COVID-19 virus seems to be not against religion, politics, race or any particular group so far.

The virus is characteristic of a larger issue which we face now with it, which is extreme events that seem to not be controllable.

So when the local mayor and pastors came together last week to pray for the city of Richmond Hill, as a way to start dealing with this virus, it was a unified blessing. The idea of unity in the community now can move the local government, and the churches and the local businesses to come together to help their local citizens through protection, inspection, knowledge and information to help heal and deal with this. Here are some healing things to consider (most of us may already know these):

1. Make sure the children that had meals during the times they went to school-still get those meals, some way or another.

2. Check on the elderly and if they need food or medicine, some way or another make sure they get some.

3. Set up temple temperature check points at grocery stores, some doctors’ offices, churches etc. so the fear of “if I potentially have it or not” is cleared.

4. Help out people who have lost or been laid off from their jobs because of the virus with mortgage, rent and utilities payments.

5. Set up “Official” testing sites for the virus. Parking lots can temporarily be converted to a drive-thru coronavirus testing center.

6. Have the city subsidize the price of the home test kit for those people who are high risk, especially the elderly on fixed income. If you have mild illness and can stay at home … don’t test. It’s a trade-off between individual and societal good that the United States, with its wealth and technologically advanced health care system, is not used to making. A test result may be reassuring to individuals who feel unwell, but the mask and health care worker to test someone with mild symptoms are resources that could be used to save someone’s life.

This is a time to remember, it is not enough for you to be good, you must be good for something.

The Butts live in Richmond Hill.

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