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Three support Buddy Carter
Letter to editor
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Editor: We write today as three individuals that have extensive experience seeking help from a locally elected official that has overwhelmed us with his responsiveness and effectiveness.
 As the founder, former executive director and chairman of the board of a school that serves children with special needs, we’ve experienced the challenges of running a non-profit during very difficult economic times. Because many of these issues involved our state contract and funding, we reached out to Senator Carter for help. Our calls were often desperate, and he was always there for us.
 Senator Carter, with the help and support of State Representative Ron Stephens and former senator Eric Johnson, came to our rescue multiple times.  It is exceedingly difficult to deal with government bureaucracy while simultaneously trying to provide care for children with special needs. During those difficult times Senator Carter was always responsive and never rested until he had delivered the results we needed. As a result, the school is still open today for the many families in our community that rely on us, and we are thriving in our new location.
We, as individuals, support Buddy Carter in his effort to win election to Congress because we know him to be a man with a generous heart and with the resolve necessary to be successful in a challenging atmosphere like Washington D.C.  We hope that the rest of the community, including the surrounding Georgia counties, will join us in supporting his candidacy.
 — Kim Reardon
Helen Waters
Brad Morrison

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